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Direct Mortgages

We are a direct/private lender with an extensive network of private investment partners. Direct lending offers numerous benefits over traditional lending.

Speed: We quickly respond to all loan inquiries. We can close a loan in as little as five days once we have the title policy. Most traditional lenders take 90-180 days

Seller Preference: Sellers prefer all-cash buyers and quick closings

No appraisals, minimal paperwork, no hassles.

Loan Amount: 50,000-2,000,000

Terms: 2-10 Years

Amortization: Interest-only or fully amortized.

Rates: Priced case by case, the general rate is 11.5%

Loan to Value: 65%-95%
Note: We can achieve a higher loan-to-value by combining more than one property.

Fee: 2.00 Points